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SWD Premier Clothing Exports Ltd - Recycling Textiles & Shoes
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SWD Premier Clothing Exports Ltd - Recycling Textiles & Shoes

SWD is a Manchester based, family run business specialising in the collection, re-use and recycling of used textiles and shoes for export.  Operating since 2001, it is run by David and Suzanne Woods.

We are registered recyclers, members of the Textile Recyclers Association. We have all the necessary licenses required to collect and export used textiles.

We collect and export up to 80,000kg of used clothing and shoes per week. We export to many countries, including Africa, Eastern Europe, Pakistan, and Ukraine.

Our friendly, reliable approach and commitment to achieve the highest levels of service has established contracts with major charities, local authorities, schools and other organisation for the collection of their textiles, shoes and other recyclable goods.

At SWD we pride ourselves in providing a tailor-made service specific to the needs of each client.

We aim to take the headache out of the logistics which can prove to be extremely demanding and time consuming, enabling the client to achieve their recycling targets with the minimum of fuss.

We endeavour to work alongside our clients to ensure that they achieve realistic waste management systems, whilst securing much needed fund for their organisation.

SWD Premier Clothing Exports Ltd - Recycling Textiles & Shoes

We realise the responsibility of undertaking steps to ensure that recyclable products are diverted away from landfill to minimise the impact on the environment and here at SWD we are committed to ensuring that we as a company fulfil this obligation.

For more information on any of our services please call: 0161 799 1444

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