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We need your help!

All schools need money...

How else can they buy sports & teaching equipment etc...

Here at SWD we have made fund raising easy whilst protecting the environment


Raise money for school in 3 easy steps!!

Arrange a collection with SWD

2) Give a bag (provided by us) to all the children and ask parents to look through their wardrobes and fill the bag with unwanted clothes and shoes.

3) Children can bring donations to school during the week

Get A++ for your school and the environment

fund raising for schools

What happens next?

  • On collection day we will come to your school and pick up all donations
  • We will count up the donations and convert this number in to money for your school. Payment sent the same day!
  • Remember... the more clothes children bring, the more money we will give to your school!

    Clear wardrobe space, raise money for your school and help the environment!!

For more information on any of our services please call: 0161 799 1444

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